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College of Engineering Departments and Contact Info

Departments Contact Site Location
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Bld.35 / Rm.323
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (Mechanical E.) (Aerospace E.) Bld.301 / Rm.116
Department of Materials Science and Engineering Bld.33 / Rm.112
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Bld.301 / Rm. 319
Department of Computer Science and Engineering Bld.301 / Rm.316, Bld.302 / Rm.317-2
Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering Bld.302 / Rm.909
Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering Bld.39 / Rm. 535
Department of Industrial Engineering Bld.39 / Rm. 335
Department of Energy Resources Engineering Bld.38 / Rm.311
Department of Nuclear Engineering Bld.32 / Rm.112
Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Bld.36 / Rm.305
Interdisciplinary Program in Technology Management Economics and Policy Bld. Bld.37 / Rm.314-1
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