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Professor Taeghwan Hyeon and Professor Jangwook Choi of Seoul National University, were selected as the most influential top 1% of researchers in the world

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Professor Taeghwan Hyeon and Professor Jangwook Choi of Seoul National University, were selected as the most influential top 1% of researchers in the world

▲ Professor Taeghwan Hyeon (left), Professor Jangwook Choi (right)

Two professors from Seoul National University were selected as the world's most influential researchers this year.
Seoul National University College of Engineering (Dean Kookheon Char) announced on 17th that Professor Taeghwan Hyeon and Professor Jangwook Choi of School of Chemical and Biological Engineering were selected as Highly Cited Researcher (HCR).
Professor Taeghwan Hyeon has been working at SNU since 1997 and has been actively involved in the manufacturing and application of various nanomaterials for 20 years. He has published over 300 papers. Professor Hyun was selected by the Global HCR this year as a result of outstanding research with more than 37,000 cumulative citation number, which accounts for the international recognition of research achievements.
He is an editor of the Journal of the American Chemical Society, one of the most authoritative journals in the field of chemistry, and was selected as a Fellow of the Materials Research Society and the Royal Society of Chemistry. In addition, he was ranked 37th among the top 100 chemists in the world in 2011. Furthermore, he was awarded the POSCO Cheongam Science Prize and the Hoam Prize (Engineering Sector). In 2016, he was awarded the IUVSTA Technology Award, which was awarded by International Union for Vacuum Science, Technique and Applications, and Korea's Best Scientists and Engineers Award for his achievements in nanoparticle synthesis.
Prof. Jangwook Choi was selected as a HCR for his achievements in development of high capacity electrode material to extend the usage time of secondary battery and development of electrode materials for next generation sodium secondary battery and magnesium secondary battery, which are post-lithium secondary battery technology.
Clarivate Analytics, a global provider of reliable insights and analytics services to customers around the world, announced on 15th the most influential researcher in the world in 2017. In other words, it announced the researchers whose citation numbers are very high.
Based on its "Web of Science,", which is the world's largest database of academic information, Clarivate Analytics evaluates more than 130,000 papers published over the past 11 years from January 2005 to December 2015, and selected the top 1% of researchers based on their citation numbers.
Of the total 3300 global HCRs this year, 34 scientists have been working in Korea. Since three of these researchers received a double award in two or more research categories, total 30 researchers were actually selected as the HCR. Among them, 28 researchers are Korean.

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