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Seoul National University College of Engineering, dreams to lead agricultural revolution that is led by engineering

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Seoul National University College of Engineering, dreams to lead agricultural revolution that is led by engineering

- Developed a concave rainwater garden and plant sensors

▲ Inside of the smartfarm where plant conditions are checked with sensor

In the fourth industrial revolution, agriculture is also opening the age of technology revolution.
Seoul National University College of Engineering (Dean Kookheon Char) said on the 21st that it will lead an agriculture revolution, which is led by engineering, through cutting-edge technology such as concave rainwater garden and smartfarm with sensors.
The concave rainwater garden of Seoul National University is a new concept garden that grows plants using rainwater. The center of the garden is dented and the edge is high, so the rainwater is concentrated in the center. Since plant can be raised through this rainwater, water related problems that are essential for agriculture is easily solved in a environmentally friendly way.
Professor Mooyoung Han, who developed a concave rainwater garden, said, "The concave rainwater garden can be made using the rooftop area of the building that are typically unused. Furthermore, it can reduce electricity usage and prevent floods since it could be act as cooling-heating system. It would become a new model of city agriculture using rainwater.”
Meanwhile, Professor Junghoon Lee of Seoul National University College of Engineering developed a smartfarm that grows plants with sensors, and presented a revolutionary solution to human food supply and demand. Using this technology, optimal growth conditions of the plant can be made by remotely checking plant conditions.
MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems), which was applied to the smartfarm for the first time in the world, was developed from the experience that Prof. Lee developed an in vitro diagnostic sensor to diagnose cancer with a bloody drop. It can measure water velocity in the plant body or the concentration of the absorbed fertilizer
Professor Lee, who is called as Steve Jobs in the field of high-tech agriculture, has developed a futuristic garden with no soil through MEMS. In this garden, a plastic tube is plugged in every flowerpot, and various numerical values ​​are monitored on a notebook screen next to the flowerpot.
Professor Lee said, "Now is the time for farmers to manage their crops and to produce and ship crops remotely by watching their cell phones. Not only engineers, but also agricultural biotechnologists and engineers will lead an agricultural revolution.”
Both of these technologies have a significant impact on the environment as well as the community. The concave rainwater garden was opened not only to SNU students but also to local residents. Local residents are experiencing the new type of garden as they are cultivating their own crops.
The smart farm technology developed by Professor Lee was applied to Gwanak - gu farm as a test. Seoul National University signed an agreement with Seoul Gwanak-gu and decided to support Real Smart Farm technology in Bongcheon-dong urban agricultural garden area. As such, the new agricultural technology proposed by Seoul National University College of Engineering strengthens local communities and provides an collaborative opportunity to create eco-friendly city agricultural model.
The Dean Kookheon Char of College of Engineering said, "The water and food issue is an important issue that we face right now. Engineers are not only interested in water and food issues, but also offering solutions, and Seoul National University is opening up opportunities for mutual growth with the local community. Engineers will not only be interested in Silicon Valley, but will also work together with College of Agriculture to develop a cutting-edge food production model like Dutch food valley.“

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