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Extending your stay (D-2 Visa extension)

To continue study or research without changing your activity at the College of Engineering SNU, you must apply for an extension of stay before your visa expires. You can apply for a student visa (D-2) extension from 4 months prior to the expiration date.
To apply for your visa extension, you can walk in the Seoul Immigration Office or apply through the online immigration system (
www.hikorea.go.kr -> E-application -> create your own account in hikorea). For online applications, the extension fee will be discounted 20% if your fingerprint is registered and your passport has never changed during your stay. Please remember that you will be responsible for a penalty if your application for extension is made after the expiration date.

Required Documents

  • Application form
  • A copy of your Passport (Page where date of birth and photo are printed )
  • 1 passport sized photo
  • Alien Registration Card (original and copy)
  • Certificate of Enrollment or Research Student Confirmation Form
  • Proof of bank account and necessary funds including tuition fee statement and proof of living expenses
  • Official transcript
  • Proof for current residence (confirmation for dormitory residence, lease contract, or bills for public utility charge. If the lease contract is under someone else's name, you need to submit that person's ID and the confirmation of residence form  as well)
  • Fee: KRW 60,000 in Revenue Stamps (수입인지) (Revenue Stamps are available at the bank and the Post Office) pasted onto the application form
  • Confirmation form for faculty advisor on a student’s thesis schedule  (Student only)
  • Other Additional documents that may be required by the Immigration Office.

Korean immigration service

If you need more information on the immigration procedures or other related issues, please contact the Korean Immigration Call Center.Services are provided in 18 different languages including English

  • Operating Hours: 09:00~18:00, Monday to Friday
  • Contact Information: (no area code needed) 1345 
  • (If you are calling from overseas) +82-1345 or +82-2-6908-1345~6
  • Web: www.hikorea.go.krwww.immigration.go.kr
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