Countermeasures on Novel
Coronavirus Infection
- If you have fever and respiratory symptoms (coughing, sore throat, etc.) after returning home,
please consult with local center or call 1339 or aread code +120.
- Please refrain from outside activities for up to 2 weeks(the maximum incubation period)
even if there are no symptoms after visiting China.



The College of Engineering at Seoul National University provides the various scholarship program for international students depending on student’s condition. The College of Engineering tries to increase the amount of scholarship support available to international students. As an international student, we know you face financial difficulties to attend the SNU. Thus, the SNU provides various scholarship programs for international students depending on student’s conditions. The following scholarships are awarded by the SNU and the Korean government. 

Program Scholarships
For graduate students SNU Presidents Fellowship (SPF)
SNU Global Scholarship I, II
Korean Government Scholarship Program (KSGP)
Graduate Scholarship for Excellent Foreign Students (GSFS)
Glo-Harmony Scholarship
Silk-Road Scholarship
Overseas Korean Scholarship
Asian Universities Network Scholarship (AUNS)
Korean War Memorial Foundation Scholarship
For undergraduate students Korean Government Scholarship Program (KSGP)
Glo-Harmony Scholarship
Global Korea Scholarship (GKS)
Korean War Memorial Fountain Scholarship
For exchange students Global Korea Scholarship (GKS)
For Korean language students Asian Universities Network Scholarship (ANUS)

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