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스위스 ETH 2019 Summer Research Fellowship in Computer Sciences

작성자 : 김희선|등록일 : 18.11.06|조회수 : 459번 읽음

아래와 같이 공과대학 협정교인 스위스 취리히연방공대(ETH) 2019년 하계 Research Fellowship 학생을 모집하오니 많은 지원바랍니다.

기간: 2019년 7월 1일 ~ 8월 31일
대상: 학부 및 대학원생
모집분야 : 컴퓨터공학
원서마감: 2018년 12월 31일
* 지원금 제공

Student Summer Research Fellowship 2019

The Computer Science Department at ETH offers a summer research fellowship for undergraduate and graduate students over the summer months (1 July – 31 August 2019). Applications for the programme are open to all students – international students are particularly encouraged (deadline: 31 December 2018). The department is committed to increasing diversity in the computer science area.

The programme offers you:Ÿ 
  • Research experience: fellows will pursue a research project that aligns with a chosen area of their interest as part of a research group in our department. This includes interacting and collaborating with group members.
  • Networking and socialising: a number of on-site socialising events will help fellows to get to know people outside their respective research groups, including current ETH students at both undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • Stipend: fellows will receive a monthly allowance to cover housing and living expenses. Travel and visa expenses will be covered as well.
  • Accommodation: assistance is provided for finding affordable housing during the research stay, once a candidate is accepted into the programme. We will also provide information regarding visa applications (where required).

Please find further details on our Website:
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