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덴마크 Green Challenge: International Student Conference Competition 2019

작성자 : 김희선|등록일 : 18.12.04|조회수 : 341번 읽음

Green Challenge: International Student Conference and Competition 2019
by Technical University of Denmark(DTU)

DTU would like to invite students from our partner universities to participate in the annual International Student Conference and Competition called Green Challenge (in Danish = Grøn Dyst), which focuses on the topics of sustainability, the environment, and climate technology.

Why Green Challenge?
DTU believes that engineers play a pivotal role in the sustainable development of our society. It is important to give engineering students skills to contribute to the development of technological solutions that respond to the global challenges. Green Challenge is an opportunity for students to showcase the green and sustainable projects they have been working as part of their education.
Specific information for partner universities (How to apply, etc.)
Becoming a judge
At the Green Challenge conference there are several judging panels to select the awarded winners. If you have faculty members, who are interested in becoming a judge, please refer them to this site:
Contact Information
All enquiries should be directed towards

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