Level 2 Social Distancing Measures Effective from Nov 24
When you are on campus, wear a facemask at all times when indoors and also outdoors when it involves high-risk activities.
Group events that hold more than 100 persons are prohibited. When onboard at transportation vehicles, you cannot eat food.


Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Academic Yr. 2  Solid Mechanics
 Introduction to Innovative Aerospace Design
Academic Yr. 3  Heat Transfer
 Introduction to Robotics
 Mechanical System Modeling and Control
Academic Yr. 4  Optimal Design
 Micro-nano Mechanics
 Micro-nano Manufacturing
 Computational Structural Analysis

Materials Science and Engineering
Academic Yr. 2  Introduction to Mechanics of Materials
 Chemistry of Organic Materials
 Physical Chemistry of Materials
Academic Yr. 3  Thermodynamics of Materials
 Mechanical Behavior of Materials
 Structural Analysis of Materials
Academic Yr. 4  Integrated Circuit Processes of Semiconductor
 Organic Materials Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Academic Yr. 1  Digital Computer Concept and Practice
Academic Yr. 2  Programming Methodology
 Introduction to Circuit Theory and Laboratory
Academic Yr. 3  Electromagnetics
 Introduction to Electronic Circuits and Laboratory
 Signals and Systems

Energy Resources Engineering
Academic Yr. 4  Reservoir Geomechanics

Chemical & Biological Engineering
Academic Yr. 2  Material and Energy Balances
 Physical Chemistry 1
 Organic Chemistry 1
 Analytical Chemistry
Academic Yr. 3  Process Fluid Mechanics
 Process Control and Design
Academic Yr. 4  Environmental Biotechnology

Architecture and Architectural Engineering
Academic Yr. 1  Architectural Design Practice 1
Academic Yr. 2  Basic Studio 3
 Architectural Design Practice 3
Academic Yr. 3  Architectural Design Studio 3-1
 Thermal Energy Fundamentals in Buildings
Academic Yr. 4  Structural Dynamics
Academic Yr. 5  Architectural Design Studio 5-1

Industrial Engineering
Academic Yr. 3  Human Factors Engineering
Academic Yr. 4  Human Interface Design

Nuclear Engineering
Academic Yr. 2  Fundamentals of Engineering Physics
Academic Yr. 3  Physical Chemistry for Energy Engineering
Academic Yr. 4  Nuclear Systems Architect

Interdisciplinary Program in Technology Management Economics and Policy Major
Academic Yr. 2  Seminar in Technology Management, Economics and Policy
 Dissertation Research

Interdisciplinary Program in Bioengineering
Academic Yr. 5  Biomimetics and Design
 Topics in Bioengineering (Tissue engineering and nano-medicine)

Computer Science and Engineering
Academic Yr. 1  Discrete Mathematics
Academic Yr. 2  Logic Design
 Data Structures
 Electrical and Electronic Circuits
 Computer Architecture
Academic Yr. 3  Introduction to Data Mining
 Principles and Practices of Software Development
 Hardware System Design
Academic Yr. 4  Topics in New Computer Technology
 Introduction to Deep Learning
 Computer Convergence Application

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Academic Yr. 1  Leadership for Civil Engineers
Academic Yr. 2  Mechanics of Materials and Lab
Academic Yr. 3  Soil Mechanics
Academic Yr. 4  Remediation of Contaminated Subsurface

Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering


Energy Systems Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Interdisciplinary Program in Urban Design Major



Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering  Topics in Ship Hydrodynamics
 Advanced Topics in Naval Architecture
 Fundamentals of Underwater Acoustics
Interdisciplinary Program in Technology Management Economics and Policy Major  Introduction to Technology Management, Economics and Policy
 Methodologies for Technology Management, Economics and Policy
 Managerial Statistics
 Technology and Commercialization
 Seminar on Industrial Technology (Energy Technology)
 Seminar on Industrial Technology (Green Technology)
 Theory and Practice of  Knowledge Management
 Practical Application of Information Technology
 Seminar on Emerging Technologies
 Seminar in Technology Management, Economics and Policy
 Information and Telecommunication Industry
 Social Networks in Internet-based Information and Communication Technology
Interdisciplinary Program in Urban Design Major  Urban Design Studio 3
Computer Science and Engineering  Database System
 Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing
 Machine Learning in Bioinformatics
 Studies in Human-Centered Computing
 Studies in Artificial Intelligence
 Studies in Compiler Optimizations
 Advanced Computer Architecture
 Digital Systems Design methodology
 Real-Time Systems
Civil and Environmental Engineering  Water Contaminants
 Advanced Geoenvironmental Engineering
 Advanced Water Quality
 Advanced Construction Materials
 Information Engineering for Infrastructures in Smart Cities
 Water Wave Mechanics
 Advanced Geotechnical Engineering 1
 Topics in Structural Reliability
 Dissertation Research
Energy Systems Engineering  Introduction to Atomistic Simulations of Nuclear Materials
 Nuclear Systems Engineering
 Theory of Fusion Plasmas 1
 Nuclear Fuel Engineering
 Topics in Energy Systems Engineering (ENCORE)
 Topics in Energy Systems Engineering (IRENAS)
 Topics in Petroleum and Gas Engineering
 Rock Stress Analysis
 Topics in Environmental Geochemistry
 Analysis of Rock Mass Discontinuities Theory of Poroelasticity
 Reactor Safety Analysis 1
 Dissertation Research
Aerospace Engineering  Advanced Theory of Helicopter
 Numerical Combustion
 Decision Making for Autonomous Aerospace Systems
 Design and Practice of Wind Turbine System
Mechanical Engineering  Control Systems 1
 Robot Mechanics
 Biologically Inspired Robotics
 Precision Metrology and Vision Inspection
 Continuum Mechanics
 Smart Materials and Design
 Advanced Thermodynamics
 Inviscid Flow
 Micro Fluid Mechanics
 Turbulent Flows
 Fuel Cell Fundamentals
 Laser Diagnostics


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