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Admission for School

Entrance exams for the Graduate School of Aerospace Engineering at Seoul National University College of Technology are for Spring semester (80%) - Fall semester (20%) according to the entrance examination for each year. the population unit is divided into master's, doctorate, and master's and doctorate programs. The admission quota for freshmen in aerospace engineering is 19 masters, 10 Ph.D.s, and 13 master's and doctorate programs.
The evaluation factors for selecting graduate students by recruiting unit are selected by document screening, interview and oral examination. However, in the case of applicants for master's degree programs are selected and evaluated on the basis of oral test.
***Foreign students admissions for twice a year for Spring and Fall
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Research Areas in Graduate School

The department of aerospace engineering offers world-class research in cooperation with industry to develop new technologies. The goal is to foster talent in creative design and analytical ability in the field of aerospace engineering.
Research is divided into 4 closely related areas in which cross-disciplinary work is encouraged. By collaborating with other departments on electrical, chemical and material engineering, future-oriented research across a wide range of disciplines is promoted, producing highly competent personnel. The research areas are listed below.

Research Areas in Detail
Aerodynamics Combustion & propulsion
Control & Navigation Aircraft Structure
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