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Seoul National University's aerospace engineering department is divided into basic academic fields (Aeromechanics, Structural Mechanics, Propulsion, Control) or design-oriented fields (Aero, Space, Propulsion, Future Aerospace) and other fields (Aero-Technology, Satellite Technology, Projectile Technology, Aerospace Robot, ST-NT-ICT-ICT Convergence Technology, Space Survey, etc.). The aerospace engineering department aims to foster creative research personnel and professors in related academic fields at universities, which are required by the nation's core industry companies and professional research institutes.


Career Opportunities

It is largely divided into research fields, including graduate school and study abroad, as well as employment in industries. According to the need to train high-end human resources to design and manufacture various aircraft systems, there are many advanced schools (including studying abroad) and entering research institutes. It is entered the national research institutes and large corporations, which are the foundation of the aerospace industry, and is responsible for key tasks such as aircraft development projects and space projectiles that are being pursued as national projects. In addition, the scope of expansion of automobiles, heavy industries, and thermal fluid-related industries, which require system integration, is gradually expanding. The research institutes include the National Institute of Defense Science, the Korea Aerospace Research Institute, and corporate research institutes, while the industries include conglomerates such as Korean Air, Hyundai, Samsung, LG, Doosan, Hanwha and aerospace.

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