Asian Deans’ Forum 2019
The Rising Stars Workshop
공학분야 여성 학계 인력 양성을 위해 아시아 최고의 공과대학들이 이번 워크샵을 공동 주관합니다.
교수님들의 유수한 박사과정생 및 박사학위 소지자 추천을 부탁드립니다.
- 일정 및 장소: 2019. 10. 24.(목) ~ 2019. 10. 27.(일), 서울대학교 공과대학
자세한 사항은 https://risingstarsasia.org를 참고해주세요.
김장주 교수와 관련된 세부정보입니다.
김장주 사진


소속 재료공학부,하이브리드재료전공 직위 교수
전화번호 880-7893
주전공 유기전자재료
부전공 유기전자재료/유기광전자재료
위치 33-207
이메일 홈페이지


  • Stanford Univeristy: Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering (1987)
  • Seoul National University: M.S. in Chemical Enigineering (1980)
  • Seoul National University: B.S. in Chemical Engineering (1977)

주요 연구분야

Professor Kim's research interests have centered on organic materials for electronics and photonics, which are regarded as new materials for information processing. Current research topics include the electroluminescence (EL) from organic and polymeric materials, linear and nonlinear optical polymers for waveguide applications, and photonic crystal plastic optical fiber. In electroluminescence, the basic physics of materials and EL devices, degradation mechanism, new device structures to improve EL efficiency, and novel devices such as lasers are investigated. In waveguide devices, we are concentrating on the design and fabrication of new passive, active and integrated optic devices such as electro-optic modulators, switches, optical interconnects using thermally stable and optically transparent polymers. Development and improvement of plastic photonic crystal optical fiber is actively conducted, which has large potential for future telecommunications due to its large core diameter and controllable zero dispersion wavelength.


  • Seoul National University, Professor (2003-present)
  • Kwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Professor (1997-2003)
  • Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (1987-1996)
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