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“Seoul National University College of Engineering is a world leader in building a first-class infrastructure and nurturing talent.”

Welcome to the Seoul National University College of Engineering.

A College of Engineering is called an “enabler academic field” since it allows individuals to make whatever they imagine.  They can achieve their dreams of flying like a bird or hear the voice of a loved one far away.  Now we can even see the faces of our loved ones.  Through sound engineering we are able to enjoy wonderful music and computer graphics have made a huge impact on the movie industry.  Medical engineering allows those who cannot see, hear, or walk a new hope.  The College of Engineering provides for the future by combining these different fields to come up with new products for ideas

Seoul National University College of Engineering is part of Seoul National University, the first public university in South Korea.  Since its establishment, it has worked tireless to achieve its goal of providing “leaders in the global industry and society.” The College of Engineering has world-class professors teaching and researching tirelessly.  Graduates have become CEOs of multinational corporations, entrepreneurs, world-class engineers, and involved in all the different levels of society to be the driving force behind national development.

In this time and age, globalization is the answer.  In particular, engineering has no borders and is a field with unlimited competition and cooperation.  Engineers have a huge role in helping South Korea develop into the focus of the world stage in the 21st century.  A single engineer’s research can improve the qualities of life of 10,000 people.  Engineers are necessary to provide a better future for our community.  Seoul National University College of Engineering boasts varied fields of study, fulfilling curriculums, and various academic systems that provides a solid background for the global engineers of the future.  

Seoul National University College of Engineering
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