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We have dreamed of flying like birds, hear yearning voices, and even seeing the faces of people miles away. We can now enjoy music at its finest with the development of audio technology, and computer graphics have played an important role in the movie industry. Biomedical engineering is giving new hope to people who cannot see, hear, or walk. The incorporation of engineering into various fields yields new ideas and products that shape the future. A newly developed technology from a single competent engineer can sometimes change an entire society, as cars, semiconductors, and computers did. An engineer can create added-value that may save or enhance lives. This is why our society needs engineers.

The SNU College of Engineering aims to foster leaders in global industry and society.

The SNU College of Engineering aims to foster leaders in global industry and society. In CoE, professors from all over the world are applying their passion for education and research. Graduates of the college are taking on important roles in society as the CEOs of conglomerates, founders of venture businesses, and prominent engineers, contributing to the country’s industrial development. Globalization is the trend of a new era, and engineering in particular is a field of boundless competition and cooperation. The role of engineers is crucial to our 21st century knowledge and information society, and engineers contribute to the continuous development of Korea toward a central role on the world stage. CoE, which provides enhanced curricula in a variety of major fields, has now become the environment in which future global leaders are cultivated.

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