CoE International Office
2020 Video Contest
CoEIO has organized a video contest for the CoE international members.
Share your story and tell us what you love about CoEIO (Welcome Center)!
All the participants will receive prizes!
For more information, please check our CoEIO website (!
웹 서버 정보
  • CPU : Intel(R) Xeon(TM) MP CPU 3.16GHZ (Dual Core) 2CPUs
  • HDD : 1 TByte (Basic service includes 4 GB of space.)
  • Network : Gigabit Ethemet
  • OS : Linux (Red Hat Enterprise
  • APM Software
    • pach : 2.0.54
    • Mysql : 4.1.11
    • PHP : 5.0.4

Server location

Sinyang Library (building 44-1), room 303

Account application

  • If you are a first-time user, you may sign up by clicking on the web hosting menu above. We will respond to your application by e-mail.
    (E-mail confirmation is used to complete the application in order to prevent unauthorized applications.)
  • If you wish to use additional disk space, please use the [Add Web Disk] menu

Fee policy

  • Basic service includes 4 GB of disk space and costs 10,000 won per month.
  • You will be asked to pay the usage fee for one year (120,000) in advance.
월 사용료를 알려줍니다.
Classification Basic Additional
Capacity Fee (won) Capacity Fee (won)
Disk 4GBytes 10,000/month 2GBytes 10,000/month
Database (MySQL) Disk and aggregation    
E-mail account None    
Data backup First day    
Campus Life
Online Service