Countermeasures on Novel
Coronavirus Infection
- If you have fever and respiratory symptoms (coughing, sore throat, etc.) after returning home,
please consult with local center or call 1339 or aread code +120.
- Please refrain from outside activities for up to 2 weeks(the maximum incubation period)
even if there are no symptoms after visiting China.

UI, the symbol of the SNU College of Engineering

Engineering - an enabling field that inspires our imaginations.

서울대학교 공대 UI 1

Primary Identity

The UI for the College consists of a laurel crown superimposed on a pen and a torch laid across each other, with an open book and the school’s gate symbol in the center. The laurel symbolizes victory as well as the reputation and honor gained by academic achievement, representing Seoul National University as a member of the top echelon in academics. The pen and torch represent the pursuit of knowledge and the passion to light the nation’s path into the future.

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Along with the symbols and the logotype, the colors identify the SNU College of Engineering. They are used in various visual media to represent the image of the College.

서울대학교 공대 UI 2


The logotype represents the official mission of the College. It is combined with the Seoul National University mark.

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