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Council in the College of Engineering

학생회 활동관련 사진

The SNU College of Engineering currently has around 4,000 registered students with numerous student organizations. The College of Engineering Student Council Board of Governors is a union for all engineering students. Festivals and events are planned by the Board for students to gather, as described below, and the Board is open to their suggestions for improving school life..

동창회 조직의 각 구성원 정보
Sunrise Festival Takes place at the Acro in front of the central library, a place for engineering students to join together.
College of Engineering Spring Festival Various physical exercises, games, and talent shows are held on a grassy field, with celebrities, performances, and open markets.
Rural Voluntary Service For 10 days during June and July, students participate in voluntary service in the Northern Cholla province.
Whole Nation Festival All student representatives of the College of Engineering gather once a semester to plan, approve, and evaluate the festivals for the semester.
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