[Welcome Center] 2019 Fall Walking
October 18 at 12:00, Mt. Gwanak from building 38

About Student Events

Student Exchange Festival

At the SNU College of Engineering, the Department of Civil, Urban, and Geosystem Engineering (now Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering) has been actively participating in exchange programs with the civil engineering schools at the University of Tokyo and National Taiwan University. In the joint festival held by these three schools, the Trilateral Student Activities, students take part in athletic activities, campus visits, group discussions, and more. The purpose of the festival is for students at the three universities to gather in one place in order to build trust and understanding, and to participate in academic exchanges and establish a basis for future cooperation. The universities take turns hosting the festival; the other two universities visit the hosting university. Around 17-20 students from the visiting universities participate, and 40 from the hosting university. All programs during the festival are conducted in English.

Department Athletic Meeting

Athletic activities, talent shows, and other performances are held on the finest day of spring.

Venture Business

As the official business entrepreneurial meeting at SNU, this festival is supported and planned by various organizations such as SNUSV.NET and N-PORT. With the goal of building a dream company, this festival aims to vitalize venture business for the future of Korea. Teams participate in this festival, with a total prize of 21,000,000 won.

Student Exhibition

The student exhibition is held during the College of Engineering festival period to encourage creativity among engineering students. Any student of the college may participate, without any restrictions on the major. Various areas are designated for competition, such as software and engineering. Winners are determined on the basis of creativity, applicability, and value.

Engineer’s Day

Engineer’s Day occurs every autumn in front of the new engineering school building. Every member of the school participates in the festival, at which talent shows and celebrity performances are presented. This meaningful festival for engineers provides a great chance to meet new faces and discuss the future of engineering. The first festival was held in October, 2004 with Kim, Jae Dong as the emcee, and ended with a performance by the famous rock band Cherry Filter. In October, 2005, the emcee was a comedian, Lee, Hyuk Jae, and Kim, Jang Hoon presented the closing performance.

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