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Mechanical Engineering :
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Mechanical and aerospace engineering is the study of cutting-edge technology that forms the basis of various areas, for example, future automobile technology, which is a necessity for daily life; high-speed train technologies, which help realize the vision of the entire country as a one-day travel zone; aviation and aerospace technology, which transcends boundaries; energy technology; and automated production system technology, which is used in manufacturing plants.

Scientific fields are currently undergoing combination and convergence. As a result, areas such as angstrom-level microelectromechanical systems nanotechnology, artificial internal organs, and biomechanics technology, and sports science are all increasing in importance in the field of mechanical and aerospace engineering. The objective of SNU’s Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering is to cultivate creative researchers for industry and educators in related areas for schools.

Career Opportunities

Most graduates of the bachelor’s degree either go into industry or enter graduate school. Those that go into industry apply their knowledge to design and production activities. Those that enter graduate school select a major from the various areas of study mentioned above and follow a course of advanced learning and research. After completing the course, graduates continue their careers in research institutes or academia.

Enterprises Research Education Others
60% 15% 5% 15%
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