[Welcome Center] 2019 Industrial Visit to Seoul Arisu Water Filtration Plant
Friday, November 15 at 13:00, Welcome Center

동창회 조직의 각 구성원 정보
President Kim, Jae Hak (metal engineering 21), Higenmotor
Standing Vice President Lee, Giseok (metal engineering 31)
Advisors Kim, Do Yeon (Materials engineering 28), National Science & Technology Commision
Heo, Jin Kyu (metal engineering 17), Iljin Group
Nam, Jung Hyun (architecture 15), Daewoo Tech
Auditors Lee, Hyun Soon (mechanical engineering 27), Doosan
Lee, Sang Un (fiber engineering 30), Hyosung
Director of general affairs Lee, Jong-Ho(electronic engineering), SNU
Alumni Office Jang, Hee Seung (02-880-7030) (02-880-7030) http://www.mysnu.org/



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