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2020 Video Contest
CoEIO has organized a video contest for the CoE international members.
Share your story and tell us what you love about CoEIO (Welcome Center)!
All the participants will receive prizes!
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The SNU College of Engineering Alumni Association handles various tasks
in order to improve and develop relationships among members.

동창회가 진행하고 있는 사업들의 상세 설명
Council Meeting Board of Directors : The alumni Board of Directors meets every year in spring and autumn. The Board reports on future and current business plans and discusses the management of the alumni association.
General assembly and year-end meeting: : The general assembly and year-end meeting are held in November or December each year. At the general assembly, various reports are presented, such as alumni business in progress and audits. Alumni gather socially at the year-end meeting.
Support for publication of SNU College of Engineering magazine The SNU College of Engineering magazine provides readers with information regarding academia, technology, industry, and other technological information in order to help Korea become a high-tech society.
The magazine began publication in February, 1993, as an integration between the College of Engineering News magazine of SNU and the Alumni News of the College of Engineering.
Publication of List of Members To mark the new millennium in 2000, the SNU College of Engineering alumni published the SNU College of Engineering Alumni List of - Members for 2000, followed by an updated version in 2008.
Budget Management and Execution Letters are sent to members requesting the annual membership fee of 20,000 won.
Support for the Alma Mater Every February, gifts and certificates are awarded to outstanding graduates of each department of the College of Engineering. Retiring professors also receive gifts. Other projects to support the school are being pursued.
Support for Club Activity Friendly competitions in golf, soccer, baduk, tennis, and fishing are held and supported by the association.
VISION 2010 This project aims to raise a College of Engineering development fund.



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