Level 2 Social Distancing Measures Effective from Nov 24
When you are on campus, wear a facemask at all times when indoors and also outdoors when it involves high-risk activities.
Group events that hold more than 100 persons are prohibited. When onboard at transportation vehicles, you cannot eat food.
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Engineering House was built to become the central pillar of science and technology in Korea and to serve the country in a spirit of harmony and service. The project plan began on May 23, 1993 at the alumni association’s general assembly. Fundraising for construction began in October of the same year, with alumni donations ranging from 100,000 won to 300 million won.
With the help of many people, Engineering House was completed on May 21, 2000, after 20 months of construction. It provides a location for academic research as well as a symbolic location for the engineers of SNU to gather.



  • Apr. 30, 2000 Total of 4.9 billion won raised for construction.
  • May 21, 2000 Engineering House construction completed.
  • Feb. 13, 1998 Construction approved by the Gwanak district office.
  • Feb. 27, 1998 Construction plan acquired from Hyang Architectural Office and sent to the organizing office (chairman Professor Hong, Sung Mok) for examination
  • Mar. 10, 1998 Hyundai Industrial Development selected as contractor
  • May 17, 1998 2.2 billion won raised (1.7 billion in contributions, plus 500 million), cornerstone laying ceremony held
  • June 16, 1998 College of Engineering Education Research Foundation transfers first 500million won out of the 2.2 billion won development fund
  • June 22, 1998 Total of 1.5 billion won donated by Hyundai Heavy Industries, Hyundai Motors,Hyundai Electronics, Incheon Steels, and Korea Industrial Development
  • July 28, 1998 Development Fund board of directors established to handle use of donations and other decisions
  • Aug. 3, 1998 College of Engineering Education Research Foundation transfers 800 million won
  • Oct. 30, 1998 College of Engineering Education Research Foundation transfers 900 million won
  • Dec. 4, 1997 SNU Campus Planning Committee makes final approval of construction and performs further detailed planning and design
  • Dec. 13, 1996 SNU Campus Planning Committee passes Engineering House construction plan with changes from the original plan
  • May 13, 1994 200 million won raised for construction
  • May 23, 1993 Engineering House construction plan included in 1993 business plan, with a goal of raising 3 billion won at the general assembly of the College of Engineering alumni
  • Oct. 20, 1993 1993 Engineering House construction plan guidebook examined at senior officials’ meeting; 18,000 copies printed for all alumni; Engineering House Construction Planning Committee organized
  • Nov. 16, 1992 Need for Engineering House discussed at alumni meeting
  • Dec. 30, 1992 Engineering House construction plan issued
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