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Sung-Hoon Ahn
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Admission for School

Admissions are processed for the following academic programs; Master’s, combined Master’s/Doctoral, and Doctoral programs. The process is carried out according to annual admissions requirements. For 2020, the enrollment quota for Mechanical Engineering is 70 for Master’s, 61 for combined Master’s/Doctoral, and 20 for Doctoral program; for Multiscale Mechanical Design, the quota is 3 for Master’s, 33 for combined Master’s/Doctoral, and 9 for Doctoral program.
Admissions procedure is carried out twice a year in April and October with application document review and oral examination.

Research Areas in Graduate School

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers creative education and research in diverse fields, fostering talent equipped with design and analytical abilities. We conduct world-class, cutting-edge research in cooperation with the industry to develop new technologies. Research areas are divided into subareas listed below. Carrying out in-depth, interdisciplinary research in combination with other fields such as electrical, chemical, and materials engineering, we aim to educate competent professionals.

대학원 연구분야의 세부연구분야를 보여주는 표입니다.
Research Areas in Detail
Advanced Automobiles Applied Mechanics
Biomimetics Binoics
Combustion/Environment and Laser Diagnostics Control Engineering
Advanced Energy Systems Future Transportation System
Gas Turbine and Turbomachinery Heat Transfer
Manufacturing Process and Systems Mechanical Structures and Materials
Mechanical System Design Technology Mechatronics
Micro/Nano Mechanical Engineering Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Reliability and Prognostics Robotics and Automation
Smart Manufacturing Thermal and Fluid Simulations
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