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Mechanical Engineering : http://me.snu.ac.kr
Aerospace Engineering : http://aerospace.snu.ac.kr

Admission for School

The entrance exam and the admission guideline to enter School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering follows the one from the previous year and is carried out into Master’s, Doctor's, and Master’s/Doctor's integrated course. The entrance quota in 2016 is 70 for Master’s, 61 for Master’s/Doctor’s Integrated Course and 25 for Doctor's.(mechanical engineering major)

The admission for master’s course is divided into 2 terms and the period is as shown in . The proportion for admission is as follows; Mechanical major(1st term: 70% / 2nd term:30%), Aerospace major(1st term: 80% / 2nd term: 20%), it requires individual interview, oral exam, and document evaluation.

The admission for Doctoral Course is divided into 2 terms, and the period is as shown in

대학원 전형별 일정을 알려주는 표입니다.
Admission Type 2016 1st Admission 2016 2nd Admission
Admission Period Oct., 2015 April., 2016

Evaluation criteria will be identical to the Master’s course (individual interview, oral exam, and document evaluation).

Research Areas in Graduate School

The department offers world-class research in cooperation with industry to develop new technologies. The goal is to foster talent in creative design and analytical ability in the field of mechanical and aerospace engineering.

Research is divided into 16 closely related areas in which cross-disciplinary work is encouraged. By collaborating with other departments on electrical, painting, and material studies, future-oriented research across a wide range of disciplines is promoted, producing highly competent personnel. The research areas are listed below.

대학원 연구분야의 세부연구분야를 보여주는 표입니다.
Research Areas in Detail
Gas Turbine and Turbo Mechanics Thermal and Fluid Simulations
Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics/Noise Energy Systems
Mechanical System Design Technology Applied Mechanics
Robotics and Automation Control Engineering
Micro/Nano Mechanical Engineering Advanced Automobiles
Mechatronics Aerospace Structure and Applied Mechanics
Manufacturing Process and Systems Aerospace Control and Navigation
Combustion/Environment and Laser Diagnostics Aerospace Propulsion and Combustion
Campus Life
Online Service
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