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Goal of Education

Nurturing global talents in computer science equipped with excellence, creativity and communication skills.

Core competencies

Talents from the department of computer science and engineering who will master the future computer technologies are going to have these core competencies.
- Ability to adjust in radically changing environment with rigid theoretical/technological base.
- Ability to create new technology with high added value through interdisciplinary studies.
- Ability to understand digital economy and solve the problem in real world through academic-industrial cooperation.


- Acquiring sound base in academic/technology by strengthening primary courses.
- Education focusing on the core of application technologies for longer validity.
- A curriculum emphasizing creativity.
- Flexible undergraduate curriculum for diversity.
- Academic affairs supporting internalization.

컴퓨터 공학부


“Development in excellent potential”
We aim to nurture talents in computer science with faithful curriculums and creative culture with world-renowned researchers and global top students. By doing so, we will contribute to national development by playing a role as national university.

· Computer science, a young field
Computer science is not mature yet. As a field started only 60 years ago, computer science has much more potential in future. This is only a start for the field. To forecast the output from this field can be hasty.

· Importance of basic education
Talents who pioneer these unforeseeable opportunities should have firm basis in theory. The more solid their basis is, the higher a chance to understand the possibility of various applications and lead the area. Therefore, basic education is an important goal in computer science education.

· Specialization and communication skill
Computer technologies in future will extend intelligence, instinct and reality of human beings and belnd with various related fields. Therefore, we aim to cultivate not only basic technologies of computer and knowledge in applications but also communication skills to understand languages in other field.

· Integrated research and education
Education and research are inseparable. World-renowned research improves the quaility of education and develops intellectual potential of future researchers. On the other hand, faithful education cultivates the basis of research and motivates students to study their own topic through cooperation with industry.

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