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Research Areas in Detail

건축학과 실습도구 사진

Architecture Major

The graduate courses in the architecture curriculum cover several areas that are investigated in eight individual laboratories. In architecture planning and design, the Architecture Planning Lab, Architecture Design Lab, Spatial/Modeling/Design Lab, Urban Planning/Design Lab, and Urban Architecture Design Lab conduct advanced research on architectural theory and criticism. The Architecture History Lab conducts in-depth research on the history of architecture in Korea and Asia. The Urban Architecture Spatial Lab analyzes the spatial and structural elements of cities, and the Urban Architecture Conservation Planning Lab investigates architectural conservation, design, and community planning. More information about each lab is given below.

각 연구실별 주요 세부 연구분야
Architecture Planning Lab Architectural planning and design, Korean and Western architecture, environmental inspection, housing planning, spatial design
Architecture Design Lab Architectural design, architectural planning, architectural theory and criticism, architectural structures and spaces, architecture as a whole
Architecture Urban Spatial Lab Spatial analysis, urban spatial and structural analysis, cultural and time series research on habitation sites
Spatial/Modeling/Design Lab Architectural design, architectural planning, formative arts, one-on-one design guidance, architectural theories
Architecture Planning and Design Lab Architectural planning and design, architectural materials, understanding of the properties of materials through actual construction experience
Architecture History Lab Korean architectural history, research on Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Malaysian, and other countries’ architecture, revitalizing traditional Korean-style housing
Urban Architecture Design Lab Urban architectural design, physical environment planning considering the relation between the city and its architecture
Urban Architecture Conservation Planning Lab City conservation and design, revival of the city center, landscaping, participation from residents
Architectural Engineering Major

Graduate courses in the Architectural Engineering curriculum cover several areas that are investigated in eight individual laboratories. In architectural planning and designing, several laboratories conduct advanced research on theory and criticism in architecture. In addition, the Architecture Environmental Planning Lab studies architectural environment planning. The Construction Technology Research Lab examines the construction and management of structures, and the Structural Materials Lab investigates the materials used in architectural structures. There is also a Stable/Earthquake-Resistant Design Lab and an Architecture Structural System Lab. More information about each lab is given below.

각 연구실별 주요 세부 연구분야
Architecture Environmental Planning Lab Environmental planning and design of environmentally friendly structures; adjusting heat, light, air, and sound for energy efficiency; air conditioning systems; indoor air quality; environmentally friendly exterior coverings; improving the performance of construction equipment; improving the views from inside of buildings; improving the environmental efficiency of high-rise buildings
Construction Technology Research Lab Construction management theories and techniques, construction technology, construction information systems, construction policies, construction materials
Structure Materials Lab Architectural structures, structural materials, design and analysis of concrete structures, hybrid systems, restoration of cultural assets
Stable/Earthquake-Resistant Design Lab Architecture structures, rigid structures, earthquake-resistant design
Architecture Structural System Lab Movement of buildings in earthquakes and earthquake-resistant design, air-reducing complex system development, proposals for earthquake-resistance evaluation of existing buildings, analysis and experimental study of the figures of concrete, precast concrete, and steel plates
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