Asian Deans’ Forum 2019
The Rising Stars Workshop
Please nominate your PhD students to be invited to the Workshop where they will be able to
explore advancing their careers in one of Asia’s top engineering schools.
- Time and Venue: October 24 – 27, 2019 at SNU College of Engineering
For details, please visit
Yoo Suk Hong
Bld.39 / Rm.308

Research Areas in Detail

The conductor leading the orchestra of engineers
Industrial engineering is a discipline to coordinate the various fields of industrial systems. It covers scientific theory and practical methodologies to plan and operate a firm’s management strategy based on the engineering technologies and management.

The leader guiding the new fields
Industrial engineers are leading not only the traditional areas in production but also new areas such as transportation, network, logistics, healthcare and service industries. Marketing, finance and human resource management are also the fields in which industrial engineers starts to play their role.

The engineer who sees the wood and the trees
The purpose of industrial engineering education is to nurture engineers who sees the woods by making decisions on the whole system and sees the trees by having knowledge in each component of that complex system.

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