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Yeonbae Kim
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Research Areas in Detail

The Technology Management Economics and Policy Program, a graduate school curriculum, educates students in the establishment of technology policies that will govern pivotal future technologies on the basis of an understanding of the latest issues related to IT, BT, and NT. The program is also concerned with the commercialization stage after technology development and with macrotechnology application plans for ensuring industrial competitiveness. The main strength of the Technology Management Economics and Policy Program is that it allows industry and academia to conduct cooperative research. Students of public service may present ideas on policies and administration; students of industry may have a sense of the real world and hands-on experience, and other students may present academic theories and techniques. The result is a creative, flexible research system. Above all, lively research on technology management economics and policy can be realized by considering both theories and real-life problems.

Goal of the Program

The goal of the program is to foster global leaders who will develop industry and the economy by acquiring a sense of strategic management and policy-making based on specialized knowledge of industry and technology. Through this process, talented students who have completed this course will establish more innovative technology management and economy policies in the IT, BT, and other areas, ultimately contributing to the development of the nation’s economy.

Educating creative consultants
Education between academics

raise specialists with a comprehensive knowledge of areas such as technology and management, technology and economics, technology and policies, etc.

Policy and strategy research

an inclusive, balanced research of the business, industry, and nation.

Leadership development

foster the qualities for an organization, industry, nation, or global society leader

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