Countermeasures on Novel
Coronavirus Infection
- If you have fever and respiratory symptoms (coughing, sore throat, etc.) after returning home,
please consult with local center or call 1339 or aread code +120.
- Please refrain from outside activities for up to 2 weeks(the maximum incubation period)
even if there are no symptoms after visiting China.
협동과정 바이오엔지니어링전공
Sungwan Kim
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Research Areas in Detail

A new major in the interdisciplinary bioengineering program was established in March, 2007 by developmental integration of two graduate school cooperative courses in the College of Engineering, biochemical engineering and biomedical engineering. Biotechnology is developing as the technologies applied in biology, medicine, physics, chemistry, electrical engineering, and other areas converge. Therefore, the faculty is being expanded to include professors in other fields, such as bioelectronics, biomechanics, biomaterials, biomolecular engineering, and bioinformation systems, as well as the areas of biochemical and biomedical engineering.

By efficiently delivering specialized knowledge in various converging areas, the university will create a system for educating highly qualified researchers in bioengineering. In addition, the research in this area will become more advanced, leading to global competitiveness by organizing a close network for bio-related research.


바이오 엔지니어링 전공 관련 연구 소개
Possible Focuses for Bioengineering Majors
Medical life sciences measurement systems Medical materials and artificial internal organs
Rehabilitation and welfare equipment Medical informatics and Molecular diagnostics
Chemical and functional materials Production of proteins for treatments and biomedicines
Bionic signal processing for medical visualization systems Technology for environmental conservation
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