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The World Class University (WCU) is a project of the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology. Distinguished foreign scholars who have conducted important research are invited to Korea to teach and to revitalize research in order to encourage new growth toward future development. The OECD ranks Korea ninth worldwide in greenhouse gas (carbon dioxide) emissions and first in the rate at which emissions are increasing. In addition to pressures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions beginning in 2013, the country is required to invest up to 2 trillion won over the next five years to reduce these gas emissions. The government has presented the new national vision of low-carbon green development, promoting it as an engine of the next generation of growth.

Chemical Convergence for Energy and the Environment (C2E2) Major Coursework in this major emphasizes the following points.

  1. Lectures and research on low-carbon green growth
  2. Nanomaterial production based on chemical fusion using composite processes for energy/environmental applications
  3. Development of environmentally friendly renewable energy sources, such as solar, fuel cell. and secondary batteries
  4. Development of technology for safety evaluation and control, highly sensitive environmental sensors, environment nanocatalysts, and nanomaterials


Graduate School Subjects in C2E2

휴학종류 및 제출서류
Second Semester Course 2009 2010 2011 First Semester Courses 2009 2010 2011
Solid High Molecular Weight Physics Solid Physical Chemistry
Introduction to Surface Chemistry Introduction to Energy and Environmental Chemistry Fusion
Organic Nanomaterial Synthesis Functional Inorganic Nanomaterials
Nanomaterial Analysis Functional High Molecular Weight Nanomaterials
Electrochemical Engineering Energy Storage Materials and Systems
Environmental Processing Engineering (Yoon, Jae Yong) Advanced Environmental Chemistry
Energy and Environmental Chemistry Fusion, Lecture 2   Energy and Environmental Chemistry Fusion, Lecture 1
Magnetic Assembly Materials, Characteristics and Assessment          
Energy and Environmental Chemistry Fusion and Structure            
Energy and Environmental Chemistry Fusion Seminar          
Energy Storage and Conversion and Nanocomposite Materials        
High Molecular Weight Compounds Lecture        
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