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WCU 멀티스케일기계설계전공
Noo Li Jeon
Bld.301 / Rm.116


This major provides both standardized and customized education
on the design of multiscale mechanics and a background in all areas of analysis, design, and manufacture.

A standard curriculum for custom multiscale analysis, design, and production will be developed, with a customized teaching system for each individual research objective.

The purpose of this area of study is to demonstrate the wide relevance of multiscale design and production, from analysis of micro/macroscale areas to robotic production. Engineering based on multiscale analysis and design is now a competitive area. It also has great potential for creating products such as 'the automobiles of the future' and 'pollution-free renewable energy'.

Graduate School Subjects

Credits/Semester Subject Credits/Semester Course Name
3/1 Advanced Mechanical Design Problem Research 3/2 Nano-Continuum Bridge Analysis
Nano/Bio Fusion System Graduate School Thesis Research 2
Graduate School Thesis Research 1 Hands on Fabrication of MEMS And NEMS
Microsystem Measurement Fundamentals of Multiscale Fabrication
Seminar on The Multiscale Mechanical System Design1 Seminar on The Multiscale Mechanical System Design 2
Fundamentals of Multiscale Physical Devises Multiscale Simulations
Multiscale Elasticity Multiscale Guided Wave Analysis And Applications
Mechanics of Materials And Design of Microstructure Microscale Analysis of Energy Systems
Fabrication And Evaluation of Nano Composites Fracture Mechanics
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