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Woong Ryeol Yu
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Until now, single materials such as metals, ceramics, large molecules, and semiconductors have been used. The demand for materials with diverse functional characteristics is rising with the development of technology and industrial innovation. Although many problems are associated with hybrid materials, research and development in this area continue because of the strengths of these materials. Innovative technology is emphasized in the materials field because hybrid materials provides solutions to technological problems and enable successful new applications. With respect to sustainability in particular, low-cost, environmentally friendly materials are essential. In addition, hybrid materials are expected to be important in the biotechnology industry. The goal of our hybrid materials program is to become a center for fostering students’ abilities and inventing sustainable hybrid materials by accumulating and reorganizing the relevant knowledge and incorporating information from other areas.

Graduate School Subjects

No. Title Grade
4451.601 Theories of Structure of Materials 3
4451.603 Kinetic Process in Materials 3
4451.604 Statistical Mechanics 3
4451.605 Interfacial Structure Analysis 4
4451.607 Application of Interface Phenomena to Semiconductor Devices 3
4451.610A Composite Materials for Biomedical Applications 3
4451.611 Hybrid Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage 3
4451.612 Nanomaterials and Devices for Energy 3
4451.613 Processing and Mechanical Properties of Nanomaterials 3
4451.614 Electrical and Optical Properties of Organic Semiconductors 3
4451.615 Compound Semiconductor Optoelectronic Materials and Devices 3
4451.616 Advanced Functional Polymers: Molecular Design and Applications 3
4451.617 Colloquium of Materials Science 3
4451.619 Topics in Hybrid Materials 1 3
4451.620 Topics in Hybrid Materials 2 3
4451.621 Advanced Molecular Electronics Materials 3
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